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i hate you, shannon cross. (obviously.)

So I decided I’d be ambitious today and get the Hump Day Cry Face up at a decent hour so that people (okay, it was like one person) stop harassing me about it. As I scanned my Cry Face photos on the new Facebook (which I HATE, by the way. How could you do this to us, Mark?!!), I thought to myself, “Hmmm, which friend do I want to embarrass today? And then I realized I have yet to embarrass my best friend from home, one Shannon “Marie” Cross. Here goes:

Ha ha, doesn’t she look like a guppy?

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oh, the power of group think.

Sometimes, when you give a bunch of girls lots of wine and peach vodka, you can make them all do this:

Happy Hump Day (Cry Face), kids!

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