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double hump day cry face, y’all!

Yeah yeah yeah, I forgot last week. My real job got sort of crazy last week and you, dear readers, had to suffer. To make up for it, I present TWO Hump Day Cry Faces!:

One, Carmen San Diego gets her cry on:

Two Carmen San Diego OUT OF COSTUME gets her cry on:

You’re welcome, Rachey. Happy Hump Day AND Beaujolais Day/Night, everyone! Celebrate double hard.

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hump cay cry face: the fam.

Ladies and gentlemen, a family Cry Face (from a photo booth at a recent wedding):

We may not agree on how we feel about what happened yesterday, but Cry Face will always bring us together.

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that’s right: hump day cry face.

I was walking home from happy (four) hour(s) tonight and happened to be checking my phone (while still totally being aware of my surroundings, and being very tall and intimidating to robbers and rapists) and I saw that I was tagged in a photo. And it was a Cry Face photo. And it’s Wednesday. And guys, it was a sign. So for this week, and hopefully for a while, I’m resurrecting Hump Day Cry Face. (I know. You don’t believe any of my promises anymore. But for at least this week, I swear I’ll stick to it.) Thanks to the Yangster, here you go:

See that? See how Cry Face ruins the whole photo? That’s power, man. And you know what else is power? Being able to get the entire cast of a teevee show to do Cry Face:

That’s right. Cry Face is officially famous. They ripped me off, but it’s okay because I finally started watching Modern Family and that shit is GOOD. (“This is my Vietnam. And I was IN Vietnam.”)

In other news, I got the mail just now and happened to notice that the latest issue of Health (which my mother sends me, thankyouverymuch) has Hilary Duff on the cover. HILARY DUFF! She was famous like ten years ago for Lizzie McGuire — a totally awesome show, clearly — and has been riding that wave ever since. It’s all very confusing for me, and that means it’s time for me to get in bed.

Goodnight, children…we have a few things in the pipeline, so don’t give up on us yet!

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hump day cry face meets squirrelizer.

In honor of the world’s best Cry Face Ambassador and the world’s most famous squirrel, I present to you this week’s HDCF:

jed is my hero

Squirrelize your own image here, and good luck getting through the rest of your Wednesday!

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hump day cry face, super sized.

Guys, did you think I forgot the Hump Day Cry Face??? That could be because I almost did, but it’s only before midnight here in fair D.C., so there’s still time! And I’ve got a good one for you. Here’s the description this week’s Cry Facer sent along with her photo:

This gem was captured via iPhone in a McDonald’s I had to drive TWENTY min off the highway to because I was lost but NEEDED it.

There’s more to that story, but I’m a good friend and will keep that to myself. Onto the photo:

mouse cry face

She’s phenomenal, right? I planned to link to another photo of this fine lady doing another excellent CF, but turns out I haven’t posted it yet! I’m both ashamed of myself and thrilled that I have another gem to post, maybe next week. It’s like a double cheeseburger, but of CRY FACES.

[Update: Never mind, FOUND IT!]

In other news, I smashed my thumb rull hard with a hammer today while doing a little Bob Villa-ing around the apartment. Please join me in praying that my thumbnail doesn’t fall off.

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hump day cry face is BACK!

Guess how long it’s been since a Hump Day Cry Face? A MILLION YEARS, that’s how long. Many people in my life have been reminding me that I suck at promoting my own Cry Face cause by doing a way better job than me of promoting my Cry Face cause. (This month, I’m bad at blogging and Cry Face. It can only go up from here!)

I’ll post some photos of my most loyal supporter next week, but this week, let’s take a look at an amateur Cry Facer, who was educated by some of the best fake best friends from home ever. I’ve been told that he wants to remain anonymous because he is an extremely important person, so let’s ignore silly things like names and focus instead on the CF:

cry face crittahs

Aw, Cry Face, I’ve missed you. Thanks to the original Critters for the tip and the constant support. When Cry Face makes it into an a book that sells at Urban Outfitters, you’ll get a shout out.

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and i’m back in the game!

Hello dear readers!

It’s me, Kathleen, your long lost backpacking blogger.  I’m back from South America and I look tan!  Wooohooo!  I went to five countries in 32 days, had “stomach issues” and saw flamingos.  Some other stuff too, I guess.  Now this is going to sound lame, but one of the things I missed most while away was writing for this blog.  Obviously though, M and M held down the fort quite well.  In fact, I’m happy to still have a “job” with this blog.  And a job it will be, because I still do not have a real one.  Haha.

It’s good to be back!

Oh, and just because it’s Wednesday, here is a special edition South American adventure Machu Picchu hump day cry face. (Yes, it was taken with a timer.  What of it?):


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watch me do the humpty hump.

BAHAHA remember that song?

Before I post the (yet again belated) Hump Day Cry Face, let’s all welcome our wonderful new bloggerette, Madeline! Hooray! It’s like we elected a new president, except that old president’s still around, and doesn’t suck.

It is raining a lot today which means I hate my life. Every time it rains my brain switches into “mmm let’s lie under the covers and watch lots of bad television and eat carbohydrates from a bag” mode. But instead, I had a “business meeting” and “lunch with a colleague.” Which mean I hung out with my friend and my boss looking at pictures of Cry Face and then had lunch with a family friend. Do you SEE how important my life is?

Anyway, as I was showing my friend and my boss some Cry Face photos, I stumbled across this gem:


Featured above are the father and youngest daughter of one the greatest, wackiest families in the universe. Doesn’t Frank, on the left, look as though he belongs in a nursing home?

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maybe barack will do cry face…

I forgot the Hump Day Cry Face! The photo below is not an entire photo of Cry Faces, but I love it anyway. It’s one of those photos where everyone does their own pose, and my dear friend Brenna (fourth from right, sort of in the background) made me so proud by throwing in a good old CF:

brenna cry face

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just cold cry-facin’ at my boyfriend.

It’s Hump Day Cry Face time! So yesterday, my “friend,” we’ll call him “Joe,” tried to tell me that the Cry Face was really a laughing face. And I was all, “Dude, have you ever seen a human laugh? That ain’t a laughing face.” Then he tried to argue with me and I told him that I would KNOW because I am the CREATOR of Cry Face. He then continued to say mean things to me and now I hate him.

(I’m mostly kidding. I mean Joe IS one of our regular readers, and I don’t want to alienate any regular readers. )

But speaking of Cry Face, let me tell you about my friend Selia. I’m using the term friend loosely here, mostly to mean “someone that I have a creepy Cry Face-related connection with even though I’ve never actually met her.” Weird, right? We’re like secret cyberspace heterosexual Cry Face girlfriends. Anyway. Selia is one of the proudest and best Cry Face ambassadors, and she has been dutifully spreading the CF all over the world. She’s here on the right:

Here’s to you, Selia. You deserve one million whore diamonds.

Now I’ll get back to “work,” or checking my email while staring across the room at my Library Boyfriend.

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