hump day isn’t just for crying.

On this lovely little October Wednesday, I’d like to share some random thoughts with you. (Don’t worry…cry face is coming.) I haven’t posted in a while either, and it’s partly because my mom was here in DC to visit, and partly because my computer broke. (And I have to go to Arlington to fix it…THE HORROR!)

I had a lovely little weekend with the mother, and we got to do some touristy things and eat a lot and she took me to do this foreign activity — shopping — that we poor grad students (read: irresponsible grad students who’d rather spend their $75 weekly budget on overpriced gin and tonics than clothes) can’t do very often. (Random side note: a kid I don’t know very well who tends to be sort of loud and intense just looked over my shoulder and was like “OOH someone has a WordPress blog!” Which made me self conscious.) (Yes there are too many parentheses in this post.)

Um where was I? Ah yes, random thoughts. I’ve been in a weird mood for the past few days. Alternately introspective in a delightful, happy way and in a depressed, go-home-and-listen-to-Dashboard way.  First of all, I’ve been having lots of political debates with my family. In fact, I’ve argued with every member of my immediate family this week. My mother is still on the fence about the election, due to the fact that she has been brainwashed by my father. My sister is currently being brainwashed by her conservative Kansas friends to be “terrified of Obama.” My father has been palling around with McCain for years, but we recently got in an email debate about abortion, in which I threw out the cliche trump card…”Dad, what if I was raped and got pregnant?”

Things have been getting kind of heated, which has been giving me agida. Unfortunately, I often get so angry that I can’t articulate coherent thoughts. All I want to scream is “HOW ARE YOU PEOPLE RELATED TO ME?! JUMP IN THE TANK WITH ME AND BARACK!” and then make them carve Barack pumpkins while looking at pictures of Sasha and Malia.

Sigh. Let’s just say I had to wear my flannel nightgown last night.

I’ve also had lots of emo thoughts about some of the relationships in my life. I won’t get into the nitty gritty details, but I’ve come to a realization about what I value in a person. Above all, I value the following two qualities: authenticity and wackiness. I can’t stand people who are inauthentic, in all the forms that takes. And it’s not to say that I’m perfectly honest and perfectly myself 100% of the time, but I’d like to think that my core personality is fixed, and that I don’t radically change who I am based on who I’m around. Too many people do that. I hate that.

And then there’s wackiness. If you’re authentic and not wacky, I’ll probably respect you, but I won’t want to hang out with you. It’s like when people say “Well, so-and-so’s just really nice.” To which I respond, “Nice doesn’t cut it. Nice is fine. But nice is boring. I don’t want to hang out with nice.” If you’re not just a leeeetle wacky, it’s not worth it. Having friends with a little wacky in them is what makes it possible for me to still have friends even though I sometimes wear flannel nightgowns and say weird things and dance really awkwardly and am kind of a nerd.

If you’re wacky, authentic, and in the tank for Barack, I totally love you right now. Bring your flannel nightgown over. We’ll drink red wine and watch the Food Network and maybe have a dance party to old Aaliyah songs. It will be great.

If you’re not into any of the above maybe just look at the picture of Pam and Dwight and Jim until you’re so happy you almost cry. Even unauthentic boring people who love McCain deserve to feel happy once in a while.

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7 responses to “hump day isn’t just for crying.

  1. cubicleQT4U

    “If you’re wacky, authentic, and in the tank for Barack, I totally love you right now. Bring your flannel nightgown over. We’ll drink red wine and watch the Food Network and maybe have a dance party to old Aaliyah songs. It will be great.”

    I nearly cried at my desk thinking of the joy this would give me. TWO DAYS. I’ll bring my matching monogrammed flannel nightgown. One request tho, can we through from Destiny’s Child in the mix and pour one out for KTray?

  2. E.A.

    thoughts for mal:
    -law students also would prefer their money on food and drink … i need a mom visit.
    -i love too many parentheses.
    -i send my parents every dumbass thing i can find on palin. i think im about to crack them on sheer number of emails.
    -my sister is also being swayed by college masses… where are those young liberals i hear so much about?!
    -ppl without personalities should be shipped off to an island. give me the weird loud obnoxious ones anyday.
    …… i felt a strong connection to this post. keep it real in the dc metro area… i am trying to get my visit on SOON.

  3. Lana

    I love that you just used agida properly.

    I thought only us American-Italians got heart burn over heated family arguments, but it’s good to know we’re not alone.

    Love you Mall-o-mar, see you tomorrow! (I’ve packed my flannel…)

  4. Beefchocolatecheesesaltgarlic

    Some other wacky things I enjoy: too much salt on everything, drinking so much you literally almost burn the house down, finding Italian meat subs in unexpected places, wearing costumes just because it’s a Tuesday afternoon in spring, being stopped by Italian policemen for biking under the influence, car dances, scabies, and joining the golf team with no experience or intention of doing anything on a golf course other than choreograph dances (see your above comment regarding awkward dancing).

    By the by, Argentina is a kind of authentically wacky place. You might like it. Hurry on down.

  5. Beefchocolatecheesesaltgarlic

    Oh, and “I hate Emily.”

    Inside joke, I guess. Really really really inside.

  6. KTray


    (That was the sound of cry face)

    Just for you Mal, I’m going to study tonight in my flannel nightgown.

  7. Abbey

    When you wonder why your (read: our) family is so weird please call me and I will remind you that at least you and I are related. Or go visit my mother’s house; my sister and her have literally turned it into an Obama shrine. Pumpkins and all. Imagine how much Highlands Ranch appreciates that.

    barack chalk jayhawk 🙂

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