joe the plumber, great american journalist.


As Mallory reported earlier, Joe the Plumber is now Joe the Reporter, reporting from Israel.  For Pajama Media, whatever that is. (I frequently blog from my bed, am I part of Pajama Media?)  Essentially, after watching one of his videos, I would ever-so-kindly, but bluntly, suggest that he stick to plumbing.  Let’s take a look at it, shall we?  Watch Joe the Buffoon give his version of the straight talk to the media (and be a huge horse’s ass) here.  Best part is how he says “I’m not the story”, (as he points to the dude with the Kenny G. hair in a ponytail.  That hair is newsworthy.) but clearly, he is.  And that’s how he likes it.

Somehow, this joker managed to get about two solid weeks of press attention.  The first time was just chance, but every time after that, it was because he wanted it.  Ooh, Joe is going on the campaign trail with McCain!  Ooh, Joe isn’t ruling out a run for Congress in 2010!  Ooh, Joe just got an agent!  Now, if he didn’t want publicity, why would he hire an agent?  After all, he’s just a regular guy!  My favorite Joe moment, up until now though, was after the election when Joe decided to backstab McCain and Palin.  Yup, that got him another 15 minutes of fame.

So here is the transcription of him confronting “The Media”. Dun dun dun…

JOE: The story here is people are being killed and the media’s slanting it and trying to make it Hamas is, uh, as far as, that Israel’s being bad. Do you believe Israel is bad?

Oooh!  Good question, Joe! Has Israel been naughty?

REPORTER: Do I believe it?

JOE: Yeah, do you?!

Do ya, punk?

REPORTER: I’m Israeli, so…

JOE: So answer the question!

Objection!  The reporter is badgering the…reporter!

REPORTER: No, I don’t think Israel is bad.

JOE: Do you think Israel has every right to protect itself?



JOE: You do?!


It’s called preparation, Joe.  It’s quite simple.  You see, if you think of questions beforehand, you don’t have to stall and have awkward pauses.

JOE: Have you said that on air?

REPORTER: I’m just a reporter.

Yeah, Joe.  You really nailed this one.

Ahhh, and that is why I cannot be a reporter.  Because being able to have public opinions about things, such as Joe the Plumber, is just too much fun to pass up.

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