natalie dylan will be a millionaire.


In September, I wrote about that chick Natalie Dylan, who is auctioning off her virginity “to pay for school”.  Suuuuure.  While I still think she’s cheating herself, she is going to walk away with AT LEAST $3.7 MILLION.  Damn, girl.  Over 10,000 men have bid on her.  Now that sounds like a confidence booster.

She says the original idea came from her sister, who worked as a prostitute for three weeks and paid for school.  What is with these girls and not paying for school the way everyone else does?!  Anyway, Natalie is confident in her decision.

“I think me and the person I do it with will both profit greatly from the deal.”

Well, Natalie, you’ll get your millions.  But I’m not so sure how he’ll profit from this.  I mean, he’ll forever be known as the guy who had to drop a few mil for sex.  Gross.

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13 responses to “natalie dylan will be a millionaire.

  1. cubicleQT4U

    not trying to hate, buuttt i actually spent a couple minutes trying to figure out if the photo had been textured in photoshop with a beveled filter, or if that was her actual face.

  2. miguel

    I think it’s like the girl who did the experiment where she pretended that she was using dead fetuses from her own abortions for art… or whatever it was she was doing. She’ll come out and say it was some sort of sociology experiment and everyone who thought it was true will look silly. Watch.

  3. you are a freak.

    right. i’m sure it’s juuust like that…

  4. nnnnnnnnnnnn

    This is disturbing on so many levels and I can’t believe you people are agreeing with this.. She is a straight up hoe and I hope she gets what she desire AIDS this is sad. I just have one questions; What if Natalie Dylan was Black.What will American will have to say about that that ….This hoe needs to get a jobs like eveybody else and work!!! that’s what makes you a strong woman… You are a true hoe and you really need attention… mental attention… You one of those hoes that will sleep your way to the top…have fun you stupid bitch…. and your parents need to go to hell like you… See I work hard for my degree and I got my PHD… I don’t need to sleep with no body hoe… And I look good..

  5. First of all, nobody deserves AIDS. And we at SWTCTW do not approve of that hateful speech.
    Secondly, it’s a PhD. If you had one, I think you’d abbreviate it correctly. Also, given your grammar and punctuation, I tend to not believe you. (Elipses, by the way, have three periods… questions are usually followed by question marks… and, with the exception of extremely rare cases, subject verb agreement is a MUST. Especially if you are going to write a thesis.)
    Thirdly, a hoe is a garden tool. I think you meant ho.

  6. Andres

    I think the idea is genious. How many people out there actually even know the whereabouts of the person they lost their virginiy to. Listen, she’s not hurting anyone. Actually, she’s doing an old rich man a huge favor. I personally prefer the little “hoe” (pun intended nnnnnnn) than the virgin…really! but if she’s up to it, why not make a few million while she’s at it. Good luck to her and I hope that she enjoys it as much as her bank account will.

  7. justcallmepam

    3.7 million. time to reconsider this teaching thing. oh, if i could turn back time…

  8. lidya

    In Germany students can borrow money from bank to pay their school. Is there any credit something like that in USA? wow God will be angry if she did that. And her future husband will be very sad.
    I don’t just understand why, but in US, student can do part time job, so why she choose the instant way?
    Life is a fight, so learn and fight for it.

  9. John

    Haha, Fight ? why fight when you can make enough money to live the rest of your life in 10 minutes ? I think this girl is brilliant, Ugly as sin, but brilliant. I think she should hold out for 5 mil, cause you know someone out there will pay it. For all of you saying Shes a ho, and such we all know how mad you are and kicking yourself cause you didn’t think of it first.

  10. blue

    so true john she is not attractive at all. she has horrible skin which says quite a bit about her self maintenance. also, a true virgin would not have to pose in such poses to make herself more desiring. prostitution is in the family genes, if anything she should have offered a bj for pay, oh thats right those are free!

  11. blue

    also, any man that pays the mighty dollar will be having steve perry look like in bed with him.

  12. Bleh

    Fake boobies, nose job , lizard skin, shiny wig….yup 3.7 mill 🙂

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