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natalie dylan will be a millionaire.


In September, I wrote about that chick Natalie Dylan, who is auctioning off her virginity “to pay for school”.  Suuuuure.  While I still think she’s cheating herself, she is going to walk away with AT LEAST $3.7 MILLION.  Damn, girl.  Over 10,000 men have bid on her.  Now that sounds like a confidence booster.

She says the original idea came from her sister, who worked as a prostitute for three weeks and paid for school.  What is with these girls and not paying for school the way everyone else does?!  Anyway, Natalie is confident in her decision.

“I think me and the person I do it with will both profit greatly from the deal.”

Well, Natalie, you’ll get your millions.  But I’m not so sure how he’ll profit from this.  I mean, he’ll forever be known as the guy who had to drop a few mil for sex.  Gross.

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