the worst band EVER reunites. joy.


Here is a quick piece of music news/a warning.  Remember Creed?  I’ll give you a moment while you cringe… are you okay?  Yeah, those guys.  Well, prepare for the second coming of the world’s worst faux-Christian rock band.  (Second coming.  Ha!  Get it?  Like Jesus?)

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Scott Stapp, the lead d-bag singer, calls the reunion a “a renewing and a rebirth”.  I would venture to say it’s more of “a remistake and a reterrible”.

There are going to be plenty of tour dates…if you really care.

The guys already have demos and are looking to all the money making producers to scrounge up a hit single for them.  Could we possibly see a Creed song featuring Timbaland?  Maybe?

But what about Scotty’s solo CD?!  He answers the most important question:

“It would be irresponsible for me to think about anything but Creed. This band is my first love and a first love that’s stood the test of time. It’s not hard to step away from any kind of personal agenda when you are totally fulfilled.”

A first love that stood the test of time… except when your band broke up for five years.  Now, call me crazy, but it seems like perhaps Mr. Stapp realized a reunion tour might be his only chance to make lots of dollars.  Maybe that’s what he means when he says totally fulfilled.

Some of you may wonder where all of this strong dislike for Creed comes from.  Well first of all, the music sucks.  But I think my real battle (if you couldn’t tell) is with Scott Stapp.  Rolling Stone forgets to mention a few things.  Creed broke up because Scott Stapp is a jerk.  And it was all downhill from there.  In 2006, he was arrested for public intoxication on the night of his wedding.  His 6 year old son was the best man.  Way to set a good example, Scott.  Then, he was arrested for domestic abuse in 2007.  Oh, and did you know he has a creepy sex tape with Kid Rock and a bunch of groupies on a bus?


Kid Rock and sex tape should not be in the same sentence.  Ever.

So there you have it.  You have been warned.  Now please excuse me, I’m going to go listen to some Taylor Swift.  THAT is music.

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4 responses to “the worst band EVER reunites. joy.

  1. For the sake of discussion (not argument)

    Wow, you think Creed is the worst band ever? Even worse the Nickelback? And I KNOW you hate Nickelback.

    What if Nicholas Cage came out with a band? Would that instantly take Creed out of the number one spot?

  2. Mallory

    Funny that you mention Taylor Swift, because she was at the University of Kansas yesterday (visiting her BFF Abigail, like from the song!!!) and my sister totally stalked her. And then today, in a crowded room at an event I was helping to lead, a middle-aged guy was talking to his coworker about Taylor Swift and saying things like “yeah, the whole campus basically shut down.” I obviously caught his eye and was like “ohmygod…are you talking about the University of Kansas?!!?” He was like, “uh, no,” and then ignored me. WHATEVER DUDE.

    P.S. Ask Potter what she stole from the bar on Saturday night. (Hint: It was a picture of Nicholas Cage.)

  3. Taylor Swift real music? Ha I hope you’re kidding.

  4. Clearly I’m kidding, Josh. Taylor Swift, meh. But the Backstreet Boys… now that’s the good stuff.

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