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kate gosselin shows off her stomach.

America’s obsession with the Gosselins is getting ridiculous.  Today, one of the top Googled searches is for Kate Gosselin in a bikini and these pictures are flying around the Interwebs like craaaaaaaaazy.  Normally, I’d be a little weirded out by that kind of Google search (because it’s usually done by pervy dudes who live in their parents’ basement).  But this one, I kind of get.  I mean, the lady has had eight kids.  Sick curiousity makes you want to look.  By the way, TMZ calls her haircut the reverse mullet.  Agreed.  I HATE IT.

Here is what she looked like preggo and before she became a teevee MOMster:


So here is what she looks like, five years later, in a bikini:

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin

Ah the wonders of a tummy tuck and a personal trainer.  I’ll admit it, she is a pretty sassy mama of eight.  Minus the HIDEOUS hair and attitude.  Kate Gosselin, I give you the obligatory RAWR.

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