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calm down, people. this is temporary.

The following gchat message is representative of many angry messages we’ve been receiving lately:

Mouse: your blog is ruining my life
i knowww you’re busy with like school and finals and those ridiculous things, but i like check it every 10 mins thinking that it’s magically going to have new thigs to entertain me with and all i see is whatever animal that is, AND Dooce and Caroline have been slacking too… am i being forced to actually do work by the blogosphere?
The answer, dear Mouser, is probably YES. But I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize, and tell all of you, dear readers, that it might be like this for the next week or so. You see, in grad school they want us to do things like “write papers” and “take finals.” These silly things take up a lot of time, and I am sorry for my bloggy absence. I’ll do the best I can.¬†

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welcome to the real world. kinda.

Reason number four million and one that I am totally and completely in love with my friends (and cry face):

Seriously. I am in love with these people.

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bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb iran.

Courtesy of my boyfriend Annie, our NYC correspondent, take a look at this Politico article¬†about McCain’s off-color humor (which we’ve discussed a lot at SWTCTW…here and here and here). Here’s an excerpt:

McCain’s humor, by contrast, makes him the political counterpart of the radio host Don Imus (whom he has defended): It’s sharp, unrehearsed and, at times, way, way over the line. This cycle, he’s drawn winces, and worse, for everything from a joking reference to domestic violence to a now-notorious little ditty about bombing Iran. Earlier in his political career, the Arizona press reported that he’d cracked a rape joke that would now probably end any politician’s career, a joke his aides then and now say he doesn’t recall making.

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