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let the lady show some leg!

People want a White House that isn’t stuffy and a president they can have a beer with, yet when the first lady dresses like a normal woman on vacation, the media screams “totes inappropes, Meesh!” Or something to that effect.

As you probably already heard, some people are hassling my girl Michelle for wearing shorts and showing her stems as she stepped off Air Force One.  They call her shorts “short shorts” and “disrespectful” and BLAH BLAH BLAH.  This issue really resonates with your Six Words bloggers, as both of us have been blessed with long femurs.

These are the shorts in question:


Ummm… they look fine to me.  These are “short shorts”:

shortshortsNot the same, are they?

Our lovely and stylish First Lady is model height.  She’s 5’11. She’s going to have some lengthy gams.  So really, her shorts aren’t that short, her legs are just really long.  So lay off, you raging heightists!

Aren’t there bigger and better things to worry about anyway?  You know, like making sure the Republicans stop lying about health care reform.  Just a thought.

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