nerd alert: accepted to all ivies.

I’ve got one thing to say to this guy: FREAK.

He moved from Poland just 5 years ago. But whatever, kid. You might have gotten into the entire Ivy League and a million other good schools (for sure the University of Richmond, heyyyyy) but this doesn’t change the fact that your name (Lukasz Zbylut) is going to get butchered by every professor you meet- just like the rest of us!

I also suffer from post-college depression and am taking it out on this defenseless, but brilliant, child. Do not judge me.

PS- He chose Harvard.

[Posted by Kathleen]


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3 responses to “nerd alert: accepted to all ivies.

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  2. Radoslaw

    Is this not great – to have such a high standard to compete with?
    I can understand that hardworking immigrants bringing this shocking level of determination and internal quality and showing it just after 5 years after arrival are something really hard to understand to most of the born Americans.

    But is that not great?

    If US would find more of such great applicants flowing into that country every year – it could really keep it’s leadership around the world.

    Ataboy Lukas!!!

  3. darksorceress

    I really need to study more…I’d be lucky to even get accepted to any…

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