seventeen illegitimate buns in the oven.

Today is all about teen pregnancy! Woooo! First, Jamie Lynn. And by now I’m sure many of you have heard about the 17 Junos at Gloucester High School in Massachusetts. That’s wicked weird! (That was a Massachusetts joke- though I have been known to drop ‘wicked’ every now and then). The craziest part of all is that they WANTED to be preggers! Apparently these baby geniuses made a pact and are excited for their baby showers and to raise their children together.

What ever happened to friendship necklaces?

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5 responses to “seventeen illegitimate buns in the oven.

  1. I like that NBC is spreading a good message to teens about not getting pregnant. I will have my brothers and sisters watch this show. I think it starts on June 25th at 9pm!

  2. JT

    BUT…the media (aka people compleeetely out of touch with the youth apparently) were like..the movie juno seems to have inspired this innocent kids by glamorizing teen pregnancy. the last time i checked, the movie heathers didn’t make me set off bombs or plug my best friends fullof dranao

  3. Mavis

    I am delighted to read about these girls. I am aged 14 and I have just become pregnant. I am very happy and so is Mom and all my friends. We think that early teens is the right time to have one’s first baby and to enjoy the delights of pregnancy. A bun in the oven is well worth while. My Mom was pregnant at 13 and had me when she was 14. She says that she has never regretted it.


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