jesse jackson: that’s not cool, dude.

So as some of you might have heard, Jesse Jackson messed up. On Fox News, of all places! He said something not so nice about my boy, Barack Obama. And like my mommy (and everyone else’s) says, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all–especially when you there is a microphone attached to your body. He was getting ready to address B’s speeches to black people and said “I wanna cut his nuts out.” Ouch? Bad move, Jesse! I’m feeling very protective of my presumptive Democratic nominee (and his you know whats), and I might hold a grudge.

But who would say “I want to cut his nuts out”? Wouldn’t the phrase be “I want to cut his nuts OFF”? The good reverend is getting a little too graphic for my taste and mixing up his idioms. Plus, they only do stuff like that in Louisiana, under Gov. Bobby Jindal. Jindal signed a bill allowing chemical castration for sex offenders…but that’s a different story. And he’s on the short list for McCain’s veep spot. Ahem.

Anyway, of course Jackson apologized with some BS statement, and of course, Saint Barack was gracious and accepted the apology. What troubles me the most about this is the lack of unity that’s going on. Rev. Jesse Jackson and Sen. Barack Obama might not be on the same page about everything, but they are on most things. It’s like women who say they won’t vote for Barack because Hillary lost. So what, you’re going to vote for McCain now? The McCain that voted against ensuring equal pay rights to women? The McCain that voted against funding for victims of domestic violence? The McCain that is wrong about women’s health issues. And finally, the McCain that called his wife a cunt? Haha, I LOVE to bring that one up. Small differences (like in the case of jilted Hillary voters, a chromosome) aren’t enough of a reason to give up on the overall vision.

Right now, and I’m sad that Jesse Jackson can’t see this, the election is not about black and white. Not to sound corny, but it’s about all of America. Rev. Al Sharpton agrees with me. Barack “is running for president of all Americans, not just African-Americans,” he said. We “must be careful not to segregate Senator Obama and impose some litmus test that is unfair and unproductive.” Well put, sir.

I don’t think that B would ever talk down to black people, and I don’t think that he’s trying to “talk white” (as Ralph Nader accused him of. Shut up, Ralphie, you silly boy). It’s just not in his nature. He walks on water and saves the free world in his free time! Come on, people!

So I’m sorry Rev. Jackson! Oooh! Barack is FOR REAL. (My apologies, that was wretched but I couldn’t help it.)

Here is the video, I know you wanted to see it.

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4 responses to “jesse jackson: that’s not cool, dude.

  1. JesseJackson

    Look, Jesse Jackson has been with and for the black cause in America for much of his life. Same with Sharpton. Barack is no doubt an uncle tom, coconut, corporate america bitch. Just because he is PART black doesnt make him a good guy. He is a phony piece of crap and I would like to cut his nuts off myself. But your article was funny and you are a good writer. Dont mistake me for a mccain fan, him and barack can go eat a d@%k together and have his nuts for desert. Who does Barack think he is putting black people down like he is some high class bitch preaching how to be a human? well Barack, not everyone had a honky mommy and a CIA pappy to make sure he got to an ivey league university. There are millions of black men and women stronger, smarter, moe capable and far more visionary than Barack but lack opportunity which is the problem dumbass. so dont you dare preach from bush’s bosom to the rest of the black community. And no I am not black since people are going to say, oh, god how can you be black and say all that. But I tell you what I love black people more than the cocunut barack does and I will say what I think.

  2. JesseJackson

    wow, lots of typos in my annoyance with barack the bastard. And one more thing, Barack will be quite damaging to the black cause. Not only will he be showing off for the honkies, he is a devil in his heart or he wouldnt have got as far as he did,–Condaleeza Rice anyone? People of color have to play it extra ugly to be allowed in the sandbox and that is an american fact my friends. And Barack doesnt give a damn for black people that is the second reason he will be damaging. And third, he is going to put the black face for sale, his own ugly mug, of all american crimes against humanity being perpretrated around the globe. Nothing like letting a black face offered up for the slaughter, make blacks be the “enemy” in the conscious of people around the world when blacks didnt have a thing to do with it. Yes, people globally are smarter than that and can figure it out if they are at least 5 years old, but remember Vietnam? Putting all those balck men on the front lines to one allow those “expendable” do the dirty work and two, bring to Vietnam murder through a black face to further isolate the black cause because no one likes to be invaded and slaughtered just because good ol america wants to stop the “domino effect”, read, do it america’s way. And last the reason barack will damage the black cause is because many black people in the u.s. are just so damn happy that finally a black man is being “taken seriously” that they are blinded to the reality of barack the bitch. Imagine the psychological trauma and identity assasination this barack fella is going to inflict on the majority of blacks when he lets them down and lets them down hard. Yeah, yeah, he is not running for black causes etc and he is to be the pres for all but we know all in the u.s. stands for whites. and also people will say, but wait, anything barack does wont be satisfying to the black people cause it takes time and they deman too much and expect too much. expect too much? freedom is to much? oh, yeah there is not much freedom here. But equal rights is too much? yeah, how dare those balck people ask for so much favoritism, wanting equal rights and all, selfish people. Point is that Barack is going to not give a damn for black people or any people and black people especially will have their hopes dashed once again. Imagine you are waiting all your life to be rescued from an island. and island where you have been starving, beaten and used and abused and then after a couple hundred years you see a ship in the distance. you wont get your hopes up? then the ship passes you by while giving you the bird. not good for the confidence is it? I can go on and on but talking about barack is about as interesting as rearranging my sock drawer. And I have a funny feeling that this whole barack bit is not going to play out in the end. maybe I will be wrong and he will be pres but it is quite possible that he wont win because one this is america the racist and two all the republican funding and Clinton bashing is proof that they wanted to get rid of the strongest canidate to make room for mccain since a republican this time around was not looking like he was going to make it all the way. but those sneaky republicans got it covered. they got satan mccain and barack their bitch. its a win win! good job republicans. and democrats, you bunch of sissy pushover losers. what a sad country. and you know what, I will vote for barack because mccain is satan as I said but I will be ashamed and furhter disillusioned by my force in what is supposed to be a choice. what a pathetic state of affairs. if I close my eyes and spin around twice and just punch the ballot it will be just as scientific as reviewing the canidadates positions because guess what, I cant tell the difference between them! yeah america. lets see, Vietnam, Iraq…oh goody, that leaves one more ass kicking and you are knocked off your imperialist course. phew and I thought this was going to go on forever. Gotta be hopeful.

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