blog: yes we can (hold babies)

Say it ain’t so Joe, here I go again blogging about other people’s blogs.  (Hardy har har)  As if Saint Barack could not get any more perfect, now you can look at sickeningly adorable pictures of him with non-voters.  That means babies and other mini humans.  Yes, you can.  Yes, you want to.  Yes we can (hold babies).  Love love love.

Make this man president. DO IT.

[Posted by Kathleen]


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2 responses to “blog: yes we can (hold babies)

  1. drunkinarowboat

    um, kathleen that is the cutest f-ing picture I’ve ever seen. I want to blow it up and put it above my bed. Maybe also kidnap that child.

  2. Transcender of Politics

    That kid looks eerily like the “he kicked him in the penis” kid.


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