elisabeth hasslebeck hassled by plagiarism allegations.


Ruh roh.  Elisabeth Hasselbeck is being sued by Susan Hassett, the author of a book for people with Celiac disease, for plagiarism.  From the AP:

Hassett said in the lawsuit that she sent Hasselbeck a personal note and copy of her “Living With Celiac Disease” book as a courtesy after the television celebrity disclosed she had the illness last year.

Hassett claims that Hasselbeck lifted word for word passages for her own book, “The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide”.

People with the disease, like Hasselbeck, are unable to eat foods with gluten in them.  The book offers tips on how to live healthily with the disease.  On top of plagiarism charges, Hassett is claiming that Hasslebeck’s book gives bad advice and can be dangerous for people with Celiac disease.  Oh my.

I wonder what the ladies on The View have to say about all this.  I can imagine that Mama Barbara won’t be pleased…

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2 responses to “elisabeth hasslebeck hassled by plagiarism allegations.

  1. Plagiarism’m sorry, I think it is unfair and disgraceful.
    This usually occurs when commodified items, which is the most unsupportive.
    We are talking of a chronic disease that affects millions of people, millions even undiagnosed children with gluten-free menus in schools, deficiencies in medical protocols, we need labeled supported by government institutions, we need health ministers have been aware of this disease, we need the law celiac Argentina, the African continent need to have specialists to assess the disease spread in Mexico …. campaigns, lower prices, industries that incorporate gluten-free products, courses in schools of these menus catering to the professionals ….
    Why do not claim, demand, all these objective needs? maybe that these claims are not profitable? are not recognized on a personal level? do not prestige?
    We have a voice, we have the right, do not be conformed.
    For an improved quality of life of celiac outside house, insist their needs to the authorities, get your needs in the light, breaking the silence.
    The celiac group must be incorporated into society, marginalized in the past, assess yourselves, we are not asking pedigüeños Can crumbs, NOT (!) Let our voices … The celiac have rights and they know it.

  2. Mallory

    Sonia Sin Gluten…your post isn’t exactly spam, but it also isn’t relevant. People with gluten allergies are wonderful and important, and in fact, I incorporated one into my dinner party tonight! We appreciate your, um, interest in our blog, but let’s try to keep the comments related to the posts.

    Peace, love, and gluten-free pretzels,

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