trina sues college…because she’s unemployed.

moneyTrina Thompson, like millions of Americans, is unemployed.  But instead of revamping her resume, or going to a job fair, she came up with a different idea.  She decided to sue her alma mater, Monroe College, for $70,000.  Seventy thousand dollars,  by the way, was the cost of her Bachelor’s Degree.  In other words, she wants her money back because she doesn’t have a job.

Trina, darling, it’s not the school’s fault you can’t get a job.  It probably isn’t your fault either.  Times are tough.  But wasting taxpayer dollars on a silly court case so you don’t have to continue looking for a job and living off settlement money is just ridiculous.

Recession sucks, but we’re going to get out of it.  Until then, Trina, do what the rest of us did– start a blog!

Read the story HERE.

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One response to “trina sues college…because she’s unemployed.

  1. Nic

    As enraged as I was when I first read this story, I do have a certain level of sympathy with her. Being unable to find a job can feel soul-destroying. And in the background, you’ve got the media simultaneously telling you that the graduate jobs market is helpless and that if you don’t have a job, you’re a sponger. Neither of which are necessarily true.

    While I suspect that Trina hasn’t exactly explored every avenue, so to speak, it’s ok for her to be angry. Anyone would be.

    But attempting to sue was just stupid. It was never going to help her job prospects in any way whatsoever.

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