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liar, liar, pants on fire, starface!


Oh Kimberley.  Remember Kimberley Vlaminck, aka Starface? She claimed that she had fallen asleep after asking for three stars on her face and when she woke up, she had 56 stars.  Rouslan Toumaniantz, the tattoo artist, said she was lying.  Eye witnesses said she was lying.  Now, Kimberley says she was lying.  From the Telegraph:

She said after the tattooing last week: “It is terrible for me. I cannot go out on to the street. I look like a freak.”

But the 18-year-old has finally confessed she did not fall asleep, that she wanted all the stars and was “fully aware” of what Mr Toumaniantz was doing.

Ms Vlaminck told a Dutch TV crew: “I asked for 56 stars and initially adored them. But when my father saw them, he was furious. So I said I fell asleep and the that the tattooist made a mistake.”

Everyone who read the story didn’t believe her.  I have no idea how her father could have believed that.  Toumaniantz has since withdrawn his offer to pay for half of the tattoo removal.

I don’t know what’s worse– having 56 stars tattooed on your face or having a face that everyone will recognize as the face of a liar.

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kimberley vlaminck stars in “star face”.

I hope you thought my post title was as clever as I did. Anyway, this story broke a few days ago, but I’ve been DYING to share it with you. So meet Kimberley Vlaminck.


Yes, those are star tattoos on her face. Fifty-six, to be exact. According to the 18-year-old Belgian though, she only asked for three but the tattoo artist didn’t understand her. She then says she “fell asleep” and woke up like that. Well, I don’t have any tattoos, but from what I’ve heard they hurt. A lot. I can’t really see someone falling asleep while a needle was poking ink into the skin on their face. Call me crazy. The tattoo artist, Rouslan Toumaniantz, says that she did indeed ask for that and that she was awake the entire time. Want to see what Mr. Toumaniantz looks like? I thought so:


Rawr? Ha. Wowie. I mean, really, she should not be THAT surprised if she is telling the truth (but I doubt it). Despite an eye witness saying that Kimberley did in fact ask for 56 stars, Rouslan is being a nice guy and offering to pay for half of the removal, which would cost roughly$14,000. The cost of the original tattoo? About $90. Learning from other people’s mistakes? Priceless.

So there is your SWTCTW life lesson of the day. Whose side are you on?

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