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my olympic dreams may be attainable.

I have found it! The sport that I am going to pursue to get to the Olympics. I used to think I was going to get there on the US Curling team, but I realize that I hate cold weather and I’m not entirely sure what the point of Curling is…so….summer sports it is! Back in 1996, I used to dream of being an Olympic runner. HA! I still haven’t really left my bed since waking up this morning and it’s past noon. So imagine my intrigue when I realized walking was an Olympic sport! That’s right, an Olympic sport. All of a sudden, the Olympic theme is pounding in my head and I’m having sports glory visions. I imagine myself hanging my Olympic gold next to my Pulitzer and Nobel prizes, smiling, eating a tub of frosting, watching a Disney movie and calling it a night. But back to reality. I could walk for miles! I have large calf muscles and long legs, this sounds great!

Upon my research (aka I frantically Wikipedia’ed it), I learned a couple very important things. One foot always needs to be on the ground while racewalking (that is the sport’s official term) so it isn’t running and, according to Wikipedia, “The second rule requires that the supporting leg must straighten from the point of contact with the ground and remain straightened until the body passes over it.” Sure, whatev.

Most racewalkers walk at a pace that is faster than those rare times when I do go for a run. Ouch. So I realize I have some training to do. And many racewalking Olympians are as old as Dara Torres. So I’ve got time! Here is a video of competitive racewalking. Don’t they look like a bunch of penguins or something? What comes to mind for me is a girl I graduated high school with that swung her hips like that in an attempt to look sexy. Hmm.

Dear readers, I’m going to end this post with a confession and a little known fact: Mallory and I used to be powerwalkers. It’s true–we used to powerwalk in the neighborhood adjacent to our beautiful campus. But I’m serious about my Olympic dreams. So look out for me and Mal in 2012 when we hit the streets of London not running, but walking at an incredibly fast pace.

And just because, here is a goofy YouTube video I found on racewalking. I have to say, the use of the Cake song in this is pure genius.

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disney’s high school musical > camp rock

I love this blog. And when you really don’t have that much to do, it lends itself to be a perfect antidote to boredom. I try my best to stay informed by knowing everything I can about pop culture, politics, etc. (Not that I wouldn’t do that anyway…)

In fact, I am so dedicated to Six Words that I sacrificed two and a half hours of my life to watch Disney’s newest movie to jumpstart teenaged hormonal imbalance and lust in the preteen crowd: Camp Rock.

The Jonas Brothers are all this movie, but it’s Joe Jonas (the hottest, middle brother) that has an actual role. Poor Kevin Jonas has been Ike Hansoned-he only says dumb/sarcastic/funny lines and is completely aware of being the least bangable band member. Nick Jonas, I’d say how cute you are, but the fact that you were born in the 90s throws me off. Okay?

Jonas Brothers: FYI you all dress like a bunch of females, but it’s hot. It is, however, slightly disconcerting that my daily uniform of skinny jeans, flats, t-shirt, cardigan and a scarf is theirs as well. Except they look cooler. I get that. Whatev.

The plot, oddly enough, is strikingly similar to High School Musical-down to the quirky friend, bitchy blonde and Latina female protagonist. But HSM is way better. The music is better, the acting (can you even call it that?) is better, and dear god, even the plot is better. And hello, Zac Efron is in it.

My mother bravely accompanied me for about 15 minutes (as long as she could take) of this study of pop culture. During one scene where Joe Jonas is being an angsty boy with a guitar, my mother looked at me and said, “oh Kathleen, you would have LOVED him if you were 13.”

She’s right. I totally would have. And she would know, because she was right there with me during my teenyboppin’ years. For the record, I saw Britney (omg she totally lipsync’d the entire show), NSYNC (I like them so much more now than I did then, oddly enough) and the Backstreet Boys (Nick Carter, why didn’t you love me like I loved you?! You lost your chance with me. You are such a creeper now.) all within six months. I was a bubblegum nightmare.

But now, those are my bubblegum day dreams. (How poetic was that?) I am increasingly nostalgic for the days when glitter was okay to wear in public and I had Bath and Bodyworks’ entire collection. So my friends know that I often stray off the path of maturity (MUST…GET…JOB) and become unhealthily obsessed with what the youngins are in to. Like High School Musical. And I am not alone. Yeah, Walsh, I’m talking about you.

But I am not unhealthily obsessed with Camp Rock. It just doesn’t meet my pop gold standards. Joe Jonas is not worthy to even wash the feet of Zefron. I am looking forward to see how Disney markets this one. Perhaps JJonas and whatever that girl’s name is will start dating ala Zac and Vanessa? Can we expect naked pics and then a heartfelt apology and slap on the wrist from Disney? That would be complicated by the fact that the Jonas Brothers all wear purity rings. Ha! Scandalous!

But take my word for it, take those 2.5 glorious hours of your life and do something else. Like read this blog.

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yo, want 2 swing dance 2nite?

Everyone loves a good “how we met” story. You know, the kind that makes movies like Must Love Dogs (uggh, it kills me to think that I’ll never get those two hours of my life back) seem normal. I love it when my parents tell theirs. If you have ever read wedding announcements/seen 27 Dresses or care about that sort of stuff at all, you know the “how we met” story is the icing on the wedding cake.

But with all of the chick flicks out there to let us know how it should be, you know when a “how we met” story is really bad.

Ex- “Well, I was at one end of the bar and he was at the other. After all of his friends had tried with me, I finally agreed when he asked to buy me a drink because he seemed like the nicest and I wanted to have enough money left over for a cab. We ended up making out at the bar and he Facebooked me later that night.”

Here is my favorite though-this one truly takes the, err, wedding cake. An old friend recently got engaged. Out of pure obligation and a touch of nosiness, one of my BFFLs (LYLAS) asked his fiancée how they met. To this the fiancée responded:

“We met on MySpace. You got a problem with that?”

YES, I DO. But that’s because I hate MySpace with the passion of 18 million angry Hillary voters.

Obviously this girl was on the defensive. She knew that her story was anything but cute. She knows how it is perceived, so she lied to her parents. She told her parents they met swing dancing. SWING DANCING. Yup. Just off the top of my head, I can name a few trillion things more believable and plausible than that. But this brings to mind the question: where do you go to meet someone swing dancing? Plus, I don’t know many single dudes that would go to a swing dancing event. But whatev. If that’s the fantasy she wants, let her have it.

When we spend most of our time online and plugged in, it’s no shock (sadly) that it becomes the dating arena. The biggest step you need to make is Facebooking them. From their Facebook you can get a phone number. And then, you can send a text: hey what r u doing tonight.

I don’t condemn it, but I don’t like it. I will condemn it, however, if it has anything to do with MySpace. Is your engagement photo going to be a longarm style black and white pouty face with added sparkles? If that happens to you, lie to me. Because deep down I still have faith that true “how we met” stories can be cute. I, of course, expect to meet the love of my life at a political rally, realize we love the same Disney movies and old movie musicals, talk about Barack, eat lots of ice cream and live happily ever after. But that’s just me.

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