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toni basil and lots of butts.


Alright.  I know. This post is late… but it’s both of our faults.  I’m having some trouble getting Chris to send me his posts on time and he’s having some trouble getting me to post them when he sends them.  Oops.

This week Toni Basil joined the panel of judges. Back in the day she was pretty legit. And by legit, I mean that unlike the pop stars of the day (*cough* Britney), Toni Basil could both dance and sing at the same time.

Exhibit A:

All that being said, she bothers me for two reasons:

1. Her judging comments just bother me.

2. She hasn’t aged. This leaves me to believe that she has a really good plastic surgeon – OR – she is a sorceress. Seriously, SWTCTW readers, she was born in 1943. Something is not right here, and I would like to see someone get to the bottom of it. In the mean time, if she offers you an apple, don’t eat it.

I feel better now that I have gotten that off my chest…

My Mia returned this week. With a butt dance. For me, it was lacking the certain something that is normally a part of her choreography. It was interesting, and about a butt. Despite a couple clumsy stumbles by Evan. He dropped the shoe, and he had to balance himself with his hand at one point in order not to fall over. It was distracting for me. Having worked quite a few dance shows as a lighting tech, I understand that dancers are notoriously clumsy, but it’s usually backstage.

In keeping with the butt theme, Philip and Jeanine did a Broadway number, during which, Philip split the seat of his pants. [Dear Producers: The close-up shot of the split was not necessary.] Let’s go easy on Philip, though, he did just jump over a couch, length-wise. Mary Murphy was a fan of the jump too. “I’m allergic to feathers, but I wasn’t allergic to that number (screams)!!!!” Oh Mary, such the wordsmith.

Voted off this week: Jonathan and Asuka

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was not feeling it this week.


I’m going to be honest, SWTCTW readers. This week was disappointing.
I don’t know why host Cat Deeley thought it was a good idea to come to work dressed in a red table cloth. But she did. I’m no fashion expert, but I can spot a table cloth when I see one. But I’m not guest blogging about Project Runway, so I’ll move on. But seriously – it was a table cloth.

Now, for Mary Murphy. At the start of Wednesday’s show some comments were made about her behavior during last week’s episodes. It’s generally not a good idea to directly call out someone suffering from PAS, because when you do, they say something stupid in response like, “What happens on the performance show stays on the performance show.” Hey Mary: no it doesn’t. #1, you’re on TV. #2, we all now have DVR. Last week’s demonstration of your special brand of crazy has been saved forever. Also, Mary – the “not” jokes… so 2007.

Little C. I don’t understand. Here’s my favorite quote from Wednesday’s show: “I believe the primary focus of all obstacles is to induce labor so progression can be born. So follow me check it out. And I believe that right now I just saw the birth of progression in two amazing dancers.” I have no idea what this means, but I’m going to assume it was intended as a compliment. See for yourselves (4 minutes in):

Voted off this week: Max and Ashley

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