actor and philanthropist paul newman dies.

I was really sad to hear today that the legendary Paul Newman has died of lung cancer.  There is an old African saying that says, “every time an old person dies, it is as if a library has burned down.”

Here is what I know about Paul Newman.  He was in over 60 films and was nominated for an Oscar 10 times. He had AMAZING blue eyes.  I love his salad dressing, lemonade and I am popping a bag of Newman’s Own popcorn as I write this.  He was a dedicated Democrat and selfless philanthropist.  All proceeds from Newman’s Own products went to charity.  As of 2006, the amount donated was over $200 million.  Wowie.

He was a known family man.  Here’s a colorful quote he gave after being asked about marital infidelity: “I have steak at home, why go out for hamburger?”


You can just tell he was a good guy and a great American.  Read more about his life here, here and here.

Here are some pictures:

Look at those eyes.

RIP Paul Newman.

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4 responses to “actor and philanthropist paul newman dies.

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  2. Emma

    another kosher actor ! they are so many among them.
    I have had a tearing love affair with someone who really looked like him, and who, I discovered, hided his jewishness. I understand his intense cruelty because most jews are cruel, very cruel !
    Sans regrets…enfin, si…mais je n’ai jamais pu avoir de bonnes relations avec ce peuple !

  3. Mallory

    Emma, I won’t censor you. But we don’t support anti-semitism here at SWTCTW. Also, what on earth are you talking about? Let’s hope this was just a reeeally bad translation.

    (Madeline, Kelsey, Pam…any help with that last part?)

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