i’d kill for bigger boobs, mom.

Here’s a good story for you.  Eighteen year old Nikita Lee Weis wanted to kill his mother.  Why?  So he could sell her stuff, and get the money to buy his girlfriend bigger boobs, duh.  Awwww!  How selfless of him!  His mother, Hyun Weis, was attacked with a baseball bat in her house on Thursday.  She spent one night in the hospital, but she’s okay.  But the police have arrested Nikita, the two kids he hired and his flat-chested girlfriend Sophia Nicole Alsept on suspicion of conspiracy to commit first degree murder.

So Nikita is a boobs man?

Really though, let’s take a second to acknowledge the absurdity of this.  This kid wants his girlfriend’s rack to be bigger badly enough that he would kill his mother?  Back in the day, when I used to say that I’d kill for bigger boobs, I didn’t mean it.  It was HYPERBOLE.  And hello, Sophia?  If that man buys your tatas he’s going to think that he owns them. Girrrrrrrrl that’s not good.  Especially if he kills his mama over them.  Just saying…

Children these days.  Geeeeeez.

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10 responses to “i’d kill for bigger boobs, mom.

  1. justcallmepam

    “Back in the day, when I used to say that I’d kill for bigger boobs, I didn’t mean it.”

    when the hell did you ever think this…when you were 7 years old?!

  2. johnny

    i know her. she used to live in korea. big whore, she was

  3. anonymoussO

    she went to our school AND so did nik
    fagggit much.
    they’d be the type to do something crazy but i didnt think THAT much crazy..fucking retards

  4. annymous

    this is crazy
    i went to highschool with these kids
    and its dissapointing cuase now her brother has to put up with all this shit. this guy dropped out of highschool senior year to be with this girl
    his dad gave him EVERYTHING he wanted. i wonder waht’s going on back home where they both came from. must be crazy.

  5. anonymousfalcon

    To think I used to sit next to that IDIOT in class. I remember that he used to make up stories on how he didn’t have a mom and how she died. Never thought it would have been a sign on trying to kill her, later on.

    CRAZY! And for breast implants?! Seriously.. this guy was given everything he wanted by his father…. what a retard. And SOPHIA…. it’s hard to believe that after 21 years of whoring it around, small boobs would all the sudden be a problem.

    All the people back at home are seriously finding this amusing… I feel so bad for her brother right now.

  6. notsurprised

    one of many stories.
    sophia sophia sophia.

    how you surprise me over and over and over

    those highlgiths run way deeper than your roots

  7. anonymous

    If only you all knew the real story of what happened…. she was under serious duress and probably would of been murdered by nikita weis if this didn’t happen…. fucken womanbeater…

  8. anonymous

    does she have highlights? in the picture it sure looks like she doesn’t…hmmm

  9. anonymous

    September 29, 2008 – 11:02 pm
    Fountain, Colorado. There are more strange elements surfacing related to what police say was a botched murder for hire attempt. The apparent goal was getting money for breast implants.

    Eighteen year old Nikita Weis allegedly offered to pay two men a total of seven thousand dollars to break into his own home, kill his mother, and steal her money and car. Police say it was all to pay for breast augmentation surgery for his girlfriend, twenty-one year old Sophia Alsept.

    Juan Antonio Velez Gonzalez, 18, is accused of striking Weis’ mother in the head with a baseball bat, while Brandon Soroka, 19, waited outside during the attack, acting as lookout and driver.

    When police questioned Weis and his girlfriend there stories didn’t match. During further questioning the story came out. Charges include attempted murder and kidnapping.

    Court records show Nikita Weis had been bailed out of jail by his mother a couple of weeks earlier for attempted kidnapping with a deadly weapon. The victim listed is the girlfriend in this case.

  10. I knew that faggot, he sat next to me in class and never did shit all year, all he did was lie, make shit up. What’s more disturbing is that one time he threatened to kill me as a semi serious joke, never would’ve thought he was actually going to be a murderor, Faggot.

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