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i’d kill for bigger boobs, mom.

Here’s a good story for you.  Eighteen year old Nikita Lee Weis wanted to kill his mother.  Why?  So he could sell her stuff, and get the money to buy his girlfriend bigger boobs, duh.  Awwww!  How selfless of him!  His mother, Hyun Weis, was attacked with a baseball bat in her house on Thursday.  She spent one night in the hospital, but she’s okay.  But the police have arrested Nikita, the two kids he hired and his flat-chested girlfriend Sophia Nicole Alsept on suspicion of conspiracy to commit first degree murder.

So Nikita is a boobs man?

Really though, let’s take a second to acknowledge the absurdity of this.  This kid wants his girlfriend’s rack to be bigger badly enough that he would kill his mother?  Back in the day, when I used to say that I’d kill for bigger boobs, I didn’t mean it.  It was HYPERBOLE.  And hello, Sophia?  If that man buys your tatas he’s going to think that he owns them. Girrrrrrrrl that’s not good.  Especially if he kills his mama over them.  Just saying…

Children these days.  Geeeeeez.

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murder, schmurder. let’s just cry face.

Folks, here’s your weekly Hump Day Cry Face, brought to you by the Denver PD. I realize that this post is a leetle overshadowed by Matt’s fabulous dancing, but I still have high hopes for the CF. (And in all honesty, I am really freaked out and saddened by the whole murder thing, but I also really like saying things like murder, schmurder.) So, you bored gainfully employed people out there, take a break to laugh. And to wish that the cop had just gone for it a little more.

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