meester sex tape: life imitates art?


Oh boy, here we go.

So after many months of wondering what this whole Google Reader thing was, I decided to set up my page. For good measure, I threw in a bundle of celebrity news sites. And what a day for celebrity news! In case your Google Reader isn’t set up yet, or you don’t stalk celeb blogs, guess what?! Leighton Meester, best known as Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf, has a sex tape. And it’s not with Chuck Bass. According to Perez and the Superficial and Pink is the New Blog and all of our faithful celeb bloggers, a couple-year-old sex tape of Leighton Meester is allegedly available online. My office computer is blocking most of the links, but it appears that this is pretty legit. Feel free to try to investigate a little more yourself. The Superficial has photos, and Tyler Durden’s linking to something, but I can’t even access his blog because it’s adult content. Ha.

I mean, I suppose something scandalous like this was bound to happen with someone from the GG cast. My typical frustration with stuff like this — and especially with stars who get all riled up when something scandalous is released — is, “If you are even moderately famous, why would you even consider making a sex tape of any kind? It WILL get out. So if you make one, be prepared for it to go viral. That’s just the way it works.” But with Ms. Meester, I almost feel sorry for her. She appears to have made this thing way before she was famous, and now it’s going to become this huge scandal and her grandma will think she’s a whore, or something. She couldn’t really have seen that coming. (That’s what she said?)

We here at SWTCTW still love you, B!

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3 responses to “meester sex tape: life imitates art?

  1. Susannah

    i just wrote and deleted something embarrassingly nerdy about how much i love google reader. i’ll leave it at that.

  2. Click on my name or go to NSFWYouTube-com to see complete sex tape!

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