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he’s just the boy for me.

I was doing work in the Starbucks on my campus earlier today, and they were playing all sorts of lovely songs. Said songs were being played WAY too loud for a coffee shop — they would have been better off in a bar setting — but that encouraged me to pay even more attention to them. My ears really perked up when a I heard a nice lady voice covering my favorite Beatles song, “I’ve Just Seen a Face.” (And, for full disclosure, I don’t really LOVE the Beatles — I know, sorry — but I tend to love covers of their songs. Which means I Am Sam and Across the Universe were awesome for me.) While I’m all for keeping to the integrity of the song in covers, this nice lady singer had changed the pronouns to the boy ones, which was fun, because hey, I like boys! Unfortunately, I’ve been searching for this particular cover on the Interwebs and can’t find it anywhere, so you’ll have to settle for my original favorite cover of the song, by Tyler Hilton. (I first heard this version on American Dreams, which was inexplicably cancelled mid-season right as Sam and Meg were starting to fall in love. Not that I’m still bitter.):

Interestingly, I haven’t the faintest idea who Nick and Daniele are, but I enjoyed that all the same.

UPDATE: Maybe this is the version I heard?

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you went to school for what?!


I always hated when you’d ask someone what their degree was in and they’d say something like “procrastination” or “drinking”.  Oh, haha, good joke, you are HILARIOUS.  But imagine if you asked someone what they got their Master’s in and the response was “The Beatles”–and they weren’t making lame attempts at wit!  That’s awesome!  No seriously, you can get a Master’s Degree in “The Beatles, Popular Music and Society” at Liverpool Hope University in England.  Ummm.  Sign me up! 

Here is the AP story:


LONDON — The city of Liverpool already has a Beatles museum and its airport is named after John Lennon. Now a local university says it rolling out a graduate program entirely devoted to the Fab Four.

Liverpool Hope University said Tuesday that its new master’s program, “The Beatles, Popular Music and Society,” would give students the opportunity to analyze music and culture through the band’s work.

“There have been over 8,000 books about the Beatles but there has never been serious academic study and that is what we are going to address,” said Mike Brocken, who is directing the program at the university, which is in the band’s hometown in northwestern England.

Brocken said students would be expected to study the Beatles’ songs, stardom, hometown and cultural impact through four 12-week courses and a dissertation.

Brocken said studying the band was really a way of examining society as a whole.

“If popular music is about anything, it’s about people,” he said. “If we look at popular culture, it simply provides us with a very complex mirror of ourselves.”

 I think I just found the answer to the quarter life crisis.  

Paul McCartney, no joke, was my first celebrity crush.  Of course, I was smitten with the young Paul McCartney.  I was also devasted when I realized the pictures were in black and white because they were taken 40 years earlier.  Wahhhhhh.

Imagine the classes you could take!  Please leave comments with your wittiest/best effort Beatles inspired class name.  (I won’t judge you as long as it’s not like “Drinking and Procrastinating to the Beatles!”  But–side story– I did, in fact, have a Beatles pregame once.  Or thrice.)

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youtube clip of today: great song.

So this is a video of Joe Cocker singing his famous version of the Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends”. He is INCREDIBLY high and has to be translated…which is when it gets funny. Please note his “dancing” and air guitar skills. Seriously some of the translations had me laughing out loud.

Can you imagine being one of the backup singers…

“Sounding good, Joe!” “Love the new lyrics!” “Great dance moves!” “Please don’t OD during the middle of this song…”

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