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youtube clip of today: stanky legs.

I haven’t the faintest idea what stanky legs are, but I do know that this baby can dance:

Perhaps the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. And yes, Daily Julie, this baby has infinitely better moves than me, too.

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finally, an artist that is cool.

I’ll be honest – I hate art.  Most of it makes zero sense to me and I believe that it makes zero sense to everyone…they just want to be pseudo-intellectual by saying how “deep” and “meaningful” the art is.   Really, the artist responsible is laughing at how gullible regular people are.  Yes, laughing at you, pseudo-intellectual.  Kind of like Scientology.

I can barely think back on all the art I saw in Europe without wanting to hyperventilate.  Not because it was memorable, but because I was in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence crying because there was NO way to get out of the endless hallways.  Literally no exit for 1,930,239,048,392,080,438,920,849,302 of the SAME painting.  The painting of the SAME ugly woman with the SAME ugly, naked baby.   Gross.



This artist (Kevin Van Aelst) makes art that is interesting from real life things.  And I like that.


apple globe-thumb

Here’s his website.

*Sidenote:  This commentary is a knock on art, not religion.

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peeking out from underneath grad school.


Let’s play Guess How Many Times Mallory Cried Today. Any guesses? It’s pretty low so far, but it’s not even 5:00 yet. First, I cried during a retirement party at work for a woman I don’t even know that well. But she gave such a kind and wonderful speech and so of course I cried. And of course I was sitting directly next to where she was standing, so I was in all of the pictures. And of course my co-worker looked at me at the end and said, “Are you crying?” And he obviously doesn’t know me well enough yet because the answer is always yes, yes I am crying. Then also, I watched the video on this post. I love M79 and I love mommy bloggers (whatever, it’s true) and I love adorable blonde-headed children, so there were tears here too. It’s okay. I’m sensitive. I embrace it.

Kathleen and I have been such bad bloggers lately, we know. But what do you do when you run out of time to blog as much as you want? Quit? Hell no! Endure the anger of your friends and constantly feel guilty? Well, I guess so. That’s what’s going on for now. We love us our little blog, and I guess that means that infrequent posting is better than no blog at all. I don’t want this to be permanent, but grad school is hard this year. I’m having one of those drowning-in-my-own-life moments. But hopefully it will pass, and then maybe you people can stop reading whatever other lame blogs you read when ours isn’t hoppin’, and all will be right in the world. In the meantime, thanks for bearing with us!

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youtube clip of today: parallel parking.

Yup, no denying it.  This kid can park better than I can.

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no pink or blue for pop.


A couple in Sweden have decided to raise their child genderless, or in my opinion, screw up their perfectly healthy child.  The couple won’t answer any gender questions pertaining to their two-year-old son or daughter, who the media is calling “Pop.”

The idea behind the genderless upbringing is that the child won’t grow up with preconceived notions of gender and won’t be pigeon-holed into acting like a boy or a girl.

I’m sorry, but there is NOTHING WRONG with having a gender. The parents are creating gender issues where there probably weren’t any in the first place.

As a parent, why would you want to do anything that might encourage this type of identity crisis and bring about certain ridicule from peers on your own child?  Isn’t adolescence difficult enough already?  The parents claim that Pop will be able to choose his/her own gender whenever he/she feels it is the right time.  Pop, for your own sake, I hope it’s soon.

Read for yourself over at The Local.

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oh girls, we keep getting prettier.

Good news, ladies!  From Britain’s Times Online…

For the female half of the population, it may bring a satisfied smile. Scientists have found that evolution is driving women to become ever more beautiful, while men remain as aesthetically unappealing as their caveman ancestors.

Absurdly pretty.

Absurdly pretty.

The reason, you ask?  Because pretty people have more babies than ugly ones.  And pretty people tend to have pretty babies.

And, according to this new study, the majority of those pretty babies are girls.  So those pretty baby girls turn into pretty women.  And that’s why we keep getting prettier. Duh.

In fact, University of Helsinki reasearcher Markus Jokela found that attractive women had up to 16 percent more babies.  Sixteen percent?!  What a random number.

In men, by contrast, good looks appear to count for little, with handsome men being no more successful than others in terms of numbers of children. This means there has been little pressure for men’s appearance to evolve.

Not pretty.

Not pretty.

And we all know they aren’t going to take the initiative.  I can just hear it now, “Honey, I want you to WANT to evolve!”

Read the whole story here.

And guys, even though you may continue to look (and act) like a bunch of cro-magnons, we still love you.

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youtube clip of today: roller babies.

I don’t know what it is about babies and animals talking or doing uncharacteristic things that makes them so successful in television commercials, but apparently it doesn’t get old.

This is the number one viral video on the interwebs right now.  Watch it, and then tell me why.  Pleeeeeeeease.

PS- Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile.

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the oldest jonas brother gets engaged.

She looks like a brunette Ashley Tisdale.  Right?

She looks like a brunette Ashley Tisdale. Right?

Kevin Jonas, the “Ike Hanson” of the Jonas Brothers, is engaged.  His fiancee is 22-year-old Danielle Deleasa.  The two met while their families were vacationing in the Bahamas, and according to People:

When Deleasa, a former hairdresser, first met Jonas two years ago, she admits, “I didn’t know who the Jonas Brothers were.” It was Kevin who eagerly pursued her after meeting her and then spotting her walking on the beach with a flower in her hair.

How romantic.  She is a former hairdresser?  I suppose her job now is being Kevin Jonas’ fiancee and fighting off tweens.

“She said yes, yes, yes like 500 times super fast in a row,” the oldest of the Jonas Brothers tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Oh. Emm. Gee.

Kevin Jonas is just 21.  At least he’ll be able to drink at his wedding?  Are there pregnancy whispers yet?

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the girl who does not age.

I’m not going to comment a lot on this story because I really don’t even know what to say about it other than you MUST read this. It  is, by far, one of the craziest things I’ve ever read.  It seems like it should be science fiction.

 Brooke Greenberg, age 16, does not age.  The doctors cannot figure out why.  She has been a toddler since she was a toddler.  Here is a picture of her, at age 16, being held by her younger sister.  Her sister is 13.


brooke greenberg

I think the Greenbergs are a wonderful example for all of us.  They have such an inspiring outlook on life. 


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jon and kate are officially dunzo.


At just 13 minutes in to the special announcement episode, watching Jon and Kate together is painful.

The kids are still incredibly adorable, as always. In this episode, they get Crooked Houses. I would have given up all of my American Girl dolls for one of these. They are amazing. I tried to go to the Web site, but I suppose everyone had that great idea. So it’s not working. Crooked Houses just got the Jon and Kate Plus 8 bump. Look at these, aren’t they just whimsically wonderful?

Kids-Crooked-HousesOddly enough, each kid was wearing one a Crooked House t-shirt. Can you believe that?! How convenient.

Okay, enough about the houses. That’s not what you care about anyway. After 35 minutes of saying how bad things are, they finally just said it. They are separating. They filed their divorce papers today. The interviews are really devastating, actually. Kate doesn’t want to be alone and she’s talking about how her children are going to be statistics with separated parents. Jon just seems lost. But the show must go on. The show will continue, but with Jon and Kate filming separate segments with the children.

No footage of them telling the children, but I think that’s for the best.

Will you keep watching? Is the charm gone?

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