americans elect poodle to white house.

Well, not exactly.  But even if they did, a poodle would have more experience than Sarah Palin.  SNAP.

Here’s the real story.  Barack and Michelle promised precious Malia and Sasha that after the election they would get a puppy.  Aww!  So the American Kennel Club held an election–42,000 people voted–to see what breed should be the presidential pup.  And the poodle won.  Apparently the Obamas have allergies (just like my family!  Talk about identity politics…), so that helped narrow down the breeds to choose from.  I’ve been following this story for awhile, because the Chinese Crested Hairless was one of the options.  For those who know me or have read the blog before, I am the proud owner of a hairless dog.  My baby boy, Dr. Seuss, is perfect.  Look how cute Chinese Crested puppies are:


Oh, and they didn’t hold an election for a pet for old Johnny.  This is because he and Cindy already have–I am not making this up–24 pets.  So that’s 3.4285714 pets per house?

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9 responses to “americans elect poodle to white house.

  1. clancop

    Cindy McCain’s father started his company with nothing but $10,000 he obtained by selling most of his possessions. He reached a level of success that many of us strive for, and yet we shouldn’t be happy for them? OH, I get it, only Barack Obama can be successful and not anyone else… Hypocrite…

    You want to slander, go for it, but I spent the time on actually researching both sides of the story and you aren’t going to like it. But I guess that is why the Democrats are attack Palin’s down syndrome baby, her daughter Bristol, calling Sarah a Nazi sympathizer and releasing her SIN, phone number and home address… Desperation…

    Barack Obama is now the Titanic and you can’t see it. The ship is sinking and you are still asking the band to play…

  2. cubicleQT4U

    clancop, why are you so angry? i thought this was a feel good story about puppies. are you a puppy hater? SHUN THE NON BELIEVER!

  3. Desirey

    No one is slandering Palin first of all, it’s not Barack’s fault that Sara’s daughter is pregnant or she has a down syndrome child! She knew what she was getting into when she accepted the VP spot, her life moral views and beliefs and what she stands for will be revealed! So far her abstinence only, does not work, maybe she should also teach sex ed along with abstinence.

  4. justcallmepam

    it must be noted that you posted a picture of a “cute chinese crested puppy”…but not yours…wheres the seuss?!

  5. Paul

    As long as she makes “family values” a national platform, she will offer her family as an example of these values and open to scrutiny.

  6. CSH

    To “Kathleen” and “cubicle”: Chinese Cresteds = not cute.
    Visit my blog, devoted completely to squashing the misinformation regarding the ‘cuteness’ of these dogs, at to get the real story.

  7. LMAO. Get a real dog. Like a Doberman.. 🙂 theyre cute and cuddly; will defend you at any cost, and wont fit in your purse.
    As far as the dog for the white house? Who cares…. another pathetic ploy to get people excited about the Obama campaign, make them feel like theyre making a change…. lets hear the real issues.

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