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i could yearbook myself all day.

I have found probably the most entertaining Web site since Cake Wrecks.  Seriously.  www.yearbookyourself.com is so funny, that you pass it on to everyone you know.  And I am passing this internet gem on to you.


Looking fiiiiiiiine in 1964.

Super cute in 1976.

Ummm…1986…I look like…NOOOOOOO.

And as if my self confidence needed one more final blow, here I am, in 1996.


Send your best yearbook pictures to sixwordstochangetheworld@gmail.com.

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samantha bee stings governor sarah palin.

As much as I want to, I can’t really hate Sarah Palin–oh don’t get me wrong–this has nothing to do with the bonds of sisterhood. I absolutely ABHOR her positions on, well, everything.  And her early 90s mall girl bangs. But she is so much fun to write about and make fun of that I can’t help but be slightly appreciative of her very existence.  And I’m not alone.  It’s like John McCain took his happy pills and threw us all a softball.  And leave it up to All-Star Jon Stewart to hit it out of the park.  Jon Stewart, you are my hero.

So watch this clip with Jon and Samantha Bee, a self described “Vagina-American” (HAHA!), as she oh-so-sarcastically talks about why she’ll vote for McCain.  You will for sure pick up some new anatomical terminology as well.  (I’m talking about lady parts.  Teehee.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.


And here is some more Daily Show goodness, brought to my attention by Alicia, our South Korea correspondent.  What a warm/appropriate welcome for the RNCers!

PS- I promise I’ll start writing about non-political stuff (aka NOT Sarah Palin) again…

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