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quick takes on some “news” stories.

When I say news, I’m not taking about world news or current affairs. I’m talking about things I find interesting. You know, quirky news.

  • The world’s smallest snake was found in Barbados. Ewwwwwww. It is as wide as a strand of spaghetti and can be up to four inches long. As if I wasn’t afraid of snakes already, now I have to be afraid of snakes that I can’t even see. If I’m ever in Barbados. Oh, and here’s the best. The scientist who discovered it named it Leptotyphlops carlae, after his wife, Carla. Carla is a herpetologist. Hmmm. I’m pretty sure I graduated with a few herpetologists.
  • Jen Moss must be loving life right now. On Saturday, dozens, perhaps hundreds of bike riders rode the streets of St. Louis as naked as they dared. The World Naked Bike Ride (careful if you’re at work, there is nudity on the web site) protests the cost of oil. And let’s face it, it’s an excuse to ride around on your bicycle nakey. According to eyewitnesses, lots of boobs and thongs. Good times. Oh, and to make it even better, the 10 mile ride ended at a bar. GOOD PLANNING!
  • Lindsay Lohan’s leeeeetle seeeeester, Ali Lohan, “accidentally” auditioned for a horror movie directed by a well-known porn director, Peter Davy. HA! Her rep says Ali didn’t know about his past, which includes “Voodoo Lust” and “Dreams in the Forbidden Zone” (RAWR!), and if she did she would not have auditioned. Question: does Ali Lohan book her own auditions? I’m pretty sure her agents aren’t that dumb. And isn’t it strange that she has a reality show right now? My my, that sounds like such a good plot line!

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over the shoulder boulder holder saves.

I always knew bras were good for something other than keeping the girls down. I personally have yet to discover what else, but Jessica Bruinsma’s bra saved her life. Bruinsma, who is from Colorado (hey, Mal!), had been stranded in the Bavarian Alps in southern Germany for three days before being rescued. According to the AP, “she attracted the attention of lumberjacks by attaching her sports bra to a cable used to move timber down the mountain”. Wowie.

She’s a smart lady. If you hang a bra from somewhere, men are going to find it. Sorry, I had to make some sort of joke. Just think of all the puns I could have made but didn’t.

But honestly, it’s good to hear she’s alright. Her story could have ended tragically, but she was resourceful. This just goes to show that bras really can change the world. Maybe somebody should pass this along to Jen Moss?

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bikes, boobs and a hemp g-string.

Oregonian (Oregonite? Oregonese?) woman Jen Moss is pissed because people just don’t understand her need to bicycle around topless and are prohibiting her from riding in the Fourth of July parade. According to the AP, Moss is known for riding her bike “free and independent of all clothing but a hemp G-string”. In fact, she’s known as “The Naked Lady”.

I get the naked part (let the girls get some air), but the hemp G-string sounds questionable at best. You know, back in the day aka 8th grade, I was quite good at making hemp necklaces with cool beads and whatnot. I gave them as gifts to my friends. Maybe now since our tastes have matured, I can make them all hemp G-strings with cute little beads! AHHH! But back to business.

The Ashland Chamber of Commerce is in a battle right now over this. In Moss’ application she said she wants to lead a group of rollerbladers in her hemp booty floss, “blowing a conch shell.” Blowing what wearing what? Errr… Whatev, she sounds like an inspirational leader (those rollerbladers are bound to follow her, along with every creepy man within 50 miles) and America is all about leadership!

Clearly she is a great patriot and loves America. Come on people, it’s the Fourth of July. It’s not like your children haven’t seen boobs before. Let Jen parade!

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