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youtube clip of today: $25,000 cupcake.

I know I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately, but I’d like to think that they are a lot of entertaining videos, which makes it okay. To continue the trend, I show you the following, which is inexplicably one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen:

I found this video on my new favorite blog, Bulimia’s so ’87.

In other news, I COOKED SOMETHING TODAY. Like, used ingredients and pots and stuff and made soup. Real soup! Not the microwaveable kind! And my family ate it! Guys, I think this might mean that I’m closing in on the whole adulthood thing. Baby steps.

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just six words and a link.

Wow. I hope this is real.

(Thanks to Bessell for the tip!)

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actress brittany murphy dead at 32.

Sad day, guys: Brittany Murphy (who got her start in Clueless and went on to star in movies like Girl, Interrupted, Just Married, Uptown Girls, and dozens of other films) died last night. According to Gawker, Murphy died after going into cardiac arrest, which could be the result of some underlying condition or drug use.

Our thoughts go out to her family, especially her husband, screenwriter Simon Monjack.

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youtube video of today: smart-ass champ.

My sister showed me this video last night, and I sat silent beside her as I watched the entire thing. When it was over, she turned to me and said, “What, so you didn’t think it was funny?!” And frankly, people, this thing is just too awkward for laughter. Or any reaction at all. Except ohdeargod I feel uncomfortable. See for yourselves:

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drop mad lbs with this plan!

The guy next to me at the gym was eating a muffin while he rode the stationary bike. Can’t let those calories escape without a fight! And speaking of muffins, I once read on another blog that muffins are for people who don’t have the balls to eat cake for breakfast. I like that.

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thoughts that couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

Remember how being home is simply lovely and wonderful? Well, I forgot that I get really bored when I don’t have 1,000 things to do. And that I don’t have, um, that many friends left in Denver (KELSEY COME HOME). And my parents just left me to go to a swanky cult-tastic party and have left me at home alone. I helped my mom get ready, like I’m 11 and waiting for the babysitter. I swear guys, I’m not usually this lame. Really.

In the meantime, I need to tell you some things. First, you should begin reading the following two blogs:

  • the way i wanted it to be. My friend’s brother writes this blog. His photos are transfixing and his stories are beautiful and sad. Read it.
  • Miss Doxie. An important lawyer friend of mine introduced me to Miss Doxie, swearing that the blog got her through law school. Miss Doxie (a lovely girl named Leigh) doesn’t post often — in fact, she took quite the hiatus for the past year or so — but the archives are worth reading. And there are plenty to keep you busy, whether you’re miserable at work wishing you were home, or home wishing you had the foresight to stay among friends in DC for another weekend.

Besides these blogs, the only thing that’s pulling me out of this fuck-I’m-lame funk is that Jersey Shore is on tonight. And I have never seen Jersey Shore. I’ve only read about it on 2birds1blog. Miss Meg McBlogger’s recraps have left me dying to watch, and the heavens smiled down upon me and noticed my boredom and offered up the golden gift of this horrible show! At least something is right in the world.

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back in colorado for the holidays!

So everybody, guess what? I am officially finished with my second-to-last semester of school ever. (At least, let’s hope it’s for forever.) I am also back in Colorado for the next two weeks, which feels simply wonderful. I suppose I should savor this, because from what I hear, the Real World doesn’t just hand out monthlong winter breaks. Sigh.

Now that I’m at home, I’m doing my best to not launch full-on into lounge mode quiteeee yet. This means that I exercised this morning (!!!), showered, BLOW DRIED MY HAIR, and even put on a bra. The bra might be buried under a few layers of pajamas, but it’s all about the little victories, people.

In honor of not launching into full-on lounge mode, I have decided to set a resolution for myself: I am going to (try to?) post on this here blog every day while I am at home. Hold me to it! The blog has suffered with the onset of a second year of grad school, and that’s not fair to you guys.

Speaking of the blog, I’m working on getting things a little more organized around here. Like, say, posting more regularly in general and rounding up our crew of posters in a more organized way. Details to come on that.

But enough of the housekeeping issues. (Ed Note: It took me like five minutes to think of the phrase “housekeeping issues.”) Can we talk for a minute about Tiger Woods? Because I’m at home, I have had the pleasure of watching a lil daytime teevee today, and that included a trashy show about celebrities called The Insider. On The Insider, they said that it’s been confirmed that Tiger Woods has dallied about with at least 14 mistresses. And to that I say both, “Really, Tiger? Your wife is HOT.” And also, “Can we please stop talking about this now?” I was as interested as the next guy at the beginning of all this — and if you’ve been living under a rock, check out Shan’s original post about Tigergate — but I’m a little over it now. (Though it is incredibly ironic and noteworthy that he’s just been named AP male athlete of the year.) Sure, the dude made a lot of mistakes, but I feel like we are practically stooping to his level if we continue to focus on this. It’s kind of why I didn’t want to post about the Salahis. It’s a different situation, but at a certain point we become part of the problem by feeding into this bullshit.

Tangent (as though these posts are anything but a series of tangents): I just took a break from writing to focus on Bonnie Hunt interviewing Mary Louise Parker, and Mary Louise Parker was talking about adopting a baby and I began sobbing. SHOCKER!

In non-frustrating, non-crying news, watch this video. It combines two of my favorite things: adorable children and Taylor Swift. SOLD!:

Oh my god, right? When I was at the airport last night, I thought I saw this little girl and got SUPER excited for a second. It wasn’t her.

That’s it for today, kids. See you tomorrow!

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