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youtube clip of today: a BFD.

Oh FINE.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen it (and certainly heard it) by now, but here is everyone’s Uncle Joe dropping the F bomb on live TV.

I think he’s the greatest.  He’s just so lovably inappropriate!  You know he was sitting there thinking to himself, “What powerful words can I say to B that he will remember for the rest of his life?” Well, he certainly found the words to say. Perhaps he just forgot that there were 250 hot mics around.  Regardless, I’m glad it happened, and here’s why: it’s been lightening up the health care debate and people have been having some fun with it.

Yup.  School House Rock got BFD’d.

But back to Biden. As Press Secretary Robert Gibbs tweeted, “And yes, Mr. Vice President, you’re right“. Because he is.  It IS a big deal.  And it’s long overdue.

PS- Here is a great tool to see how the health care legislation will affect you.  Super easy– just put in your marital status, if/how you have health care and what you make.  Click here.

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usa wins gold medal of beards.

I tuned in to watch the end of the USA v. Canada gold medal hockey game, and while Canada technically won the gold medal, USA totally kicked ass in the Olympic sport of Hot Beards. And hot dudes in general. And hot dudes named Ryan. (Seriously. Like 11 of them are named Ryan.) I present the following evidence:

Ryan Malone of the Tampa Bay Lightning:

Ignoring Malone’s ill-advised tattoos, here’s another one:

Hello sir!

His teammate Ryan Kesler, of the Vancouver Canucks, is also my new fake Olympic boyfriend:

Not that I’d turn Sidney Crosby down if he came a-knockin’ at my door. (Is that creepy? How old is he?)

And I swear, I’m not usually this much of a girl. I do like sports for sports, but throw in that many beards and I’m bound to get distracted.


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my favorite thing about valentine’s day…

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and that can only mean ONE thing.  Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’s Kay Jeweler commercials are back!  Please, find me one person who watches this commerical and DOESN’T think about Jane Seymour as the motor boatee in Wedding Crashers.  Here it is:

now try not to think of this:

Happy Friday, everyone!

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superbowl ads going conservative this year?

If you are like me, you watch the Superbowl to eat unlimited snack foods, drink some beers and watch the commercials.  I may pay attention for the first quarter or so, but then I eat, drink and socialize until the commercials come back on.  And it’s glorious.

This year, it looks like CBS may be putting a conservative spin on the commercials. Uber-religious Tim Tebow and fam will be featured in a “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life” ad discussing how Tebow’s mom’s doctors in the Philippines suggested she had have an abortion when she fell ill while she was pregnant with Tim.  [Spoiler alert!] she didn’t.  The ad has been paid for by Focus on the Family, who’s founder has said that gay marriage will “destroy the Earth.”  Ugh.

On the other hand, CBS rejected an ad from, a gay dating website.  “After reviewing the ad, which is entirely commercial in nature, our standards and practices department decided not to accept this particular spot,” said CBS spokeswoman Shannon Jacobs.  Jacobs also said the ads were practically sold out when they reviewed mancrunch’s concept, where two men passionately make out after their hands brush on their way to the chip bowl.  Riiiiight.

Come ON CBS.  I want more commercials like this:   Not ones that take a stand.

Regardless, I’ll be there on Superbowl Sunday, solo cup in hand, covered in chip crumbs, just waiting it out until the next commercial.

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some thoughts on last night’s grammys.

I’m taking advantage of the two hours of Bachelor that stretch before me to catch up on a little blogging. (While we’re on the topic…nice turtleneck, Jake.)

Shall we talk about the Grammys? Until I got bored about three-quarters of the way in, I was impressed. The performances were mostly fun and I managed to stay engaged and entertained, which rarely happens when I watch awards shows. It didn’t hurt that the show was infused with some country flavor. Nice work, Grammy people! Zac Brown Band, Lady Antebellum, Jennifer Nettles: you blow me away. T.Swift: well, that was hard to watch. But I’m sure Stevie Nicks is a damn intimidating person to sing with.

Also, remember how there was a crazy cute little boy with Jay-Z and Rhianna?

I SOLVED THE MYSTERY! It was Solange Knowles’ son, so Jay’s nephew. Cuteness to the max.

You’ll also be pleased to know that I watched almost until the end of the show waiting for Lady Gaga’s finale performance and then realized (thanks, Internets) that she was the opening act and I just hadn’t turned on the teevee in time. So I watched some bootleg version of the performance on YouTube and called it a night. Sigh.

I’m going to turn my full attention back to rotting my brain via reality television, but I’ll leave you with my favorite performance of the night:

Country music, you make me feel whole.

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youtube clip of today: 911 call.

Don’t be skerd, this is actually adorable:

Thanks to guest blogger Madeline, yet again, for the tip!

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guys, i’m addicted to the bachelor.

Confession: the only show I have been watching regularly this semester (as in, sitting down and watching it when it airs in real time) is The Bachelor. I know. I KNOW. Guys, this show is SO bad. Like, truly awful. It’s cheesy, it’s contrived, it’s uncomfortable to watch, and my roommate and I spend the entire TWO hours yelling at the television in exasperation.

And yet…I can’t stop watching.

It feels good to get that out.

(For the record: we are Team Gia slash Team Tenley slash Team WHO THE HELL IS JESSIE?!)

UPDATE: Apparently I am far from alone in this. About a million people have told me that they have similar inexplicable addictions to this trash. Jamie, Angie, Shan, Maddy, Kaitlin Van…I’m looking at you.

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