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nicolas cage is one creepy mofo.

If you know me or if you’ve read the About Us page, you should know that Nicolas Cage is on my list of people/things not to be trusted.  Why don’t I trust Nicolas Cage?  Because he gives me the heebie jeebies and I don’t even know what that means.  He’s a creepmaster creep to the extreme.

Upon learning my feelings for the Cage creep, my cousin Sean (heyyyyy cousin!) validated my sentiments by showing me one of the funniest youtube clips I have ever seen.  Why did it take me so long to post?  I don’t know.  But watch this, laugh, and then thank me for saving you the money you would have used to rent The Wickerman.  Now, I present to you, The Best Scenes from The Wickerman, featuring Nicolas Cage.


“Killing me won’t bring back your goddamned honey!”


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she’s back! and still really naked.

Remember Jennifer Moss?  I wrote about her a few months ago.  She was the lady who just wanted to patriotically parade in Oregon on Independence Day riding a bike, sans clothing?  Ahh, now you remember.  Well, she did have a hemp g-string…so she wasn’t totally nakey.  Sheeeeeeeee’s back!  And this time around, her name is being spelled by the press with a G.  So she’s Gennifer Moss.  No word on how that happened.

Anyway, she had a run in with the PoPo after construction workers–yes, construction workers (PRUDES!)–complained about her affinity for nude in-line skating.  Ummm…hello?  Do these men have mutated genetic codes?  I’m totally baffled.

From the Oregonian:

“We confronted her and told her that she couldn’t expose her genitalia,” said police spokeswoman Cathe Kent. “She complied.”

In other words, she whipped out a string bikini bottom and continued on her only slightly less Lady Godiva-like way.

Haha, that a girl, Gen!

The police said most of the calls they received from people other than the prudish construction workers weren’t complaints about her lack of clothing, but rather her personal safety.  Awww!  There is good in this world.

She now also goes by the nickname, Earth Friend Gen.  And she has her own MySpace channel.  Yes, she is naked in some of the videos, you sick group of perverts.  Watch the videos here.  She also posted pictures of herself…yes, naked as well.  One of the captions says, “I love being naked and free!”  No doubt about that, EFG.

Oh, Gennifer!  She’s totally cra-crazy, but you do have to admire her spirit.  Keeping rockin’ out with your boobs out, lady.  Whether that means riding a bike in a hemp g-string leading a group of skaters while blowing on a conch shell (FACT.  She actually wanted to do that) or letting all hang out while you skate around.  You’re kind of cool.

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