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hump cay cry face: the fam.

Ladies and gentlemen, a family Cry Face (from a photo booth at a recent wedding):

We may not agree on how we feel about what happened yesterday, but Cry Face will always bring us together.

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today is a google holiday, hooray!

Today’s Google Holiday: Happy Halloween (featuring Scooby Doo)!

What I was Googling: Thanks to Google’s new predict-y thing, I can’t get a good screen shot anymore, but I was Googling “Kamala Harris.” Interesting lady.

Hope you all had good Halloweens! Mine was excellent. Three costumes in 24 hours makes for an excellent Halloween, apparently. While I enjoyed both of my nighttime costumes, I think my rally costume — an XL adult onesie with a horse’s ass print on it — was my favorite. (Our signs said “Onesie Nation Under God.”) My friend took photos…I’ll try to get those up here on the blahg.

It was hard to hear things at the rally, but I really enjoyed the signs and the energy and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s amazingness. And I mean, Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam live? HELLO?! Awesome. He played this:

A girl standing behind me shouted “Hey, this is the song from Remember the Titans!” when he began singing. Well, yes. Among other things.

Of course, Jon Stewart’s speech at the end made me all tingly inside and I kind of wanted to run up on stage and give him a hug and a high five. Unfortunately, at that time I was back inside eating pizza, so I kept doing that instead.

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from the dnc: it gets better.

Okay, I know I already posted the YouTube clip of the day, but I can’t wait to post this. This makes me so, so proud to call myself a Democrat:

Nice work, DNC.

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youtube clip of today: fired up.

If you haven’t seen Phil Davison’s of Ohio’s speech at the Stark County Republican Party executive committee meeting yet, you’re missing out. He was hoping for a nomination to run for Stark County treasurer, and shockingly, he didn’t get the nom:

Painful to watch, right? And to think someone gave him a master’s in communication. Kelsey hit the nail on the head in her commentary that she sent along with the tip: “I sincerely hope that this man is actually a Democrat who is posing as a Republican to make them look crazy, but I fear that this man actually acts this way and actually believed that this was a great way for him to get the nomination for this tiny position.”

My favorite part about this is that the speech┬áisn’t actually that bad. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s a good speech, but if he had been able to CONTROL the VOLUME OF HIS voice, he may have had a chance. (I can’t imagine the competition is that fierce in the Stark County treasurer “primary.”) Poor, poor Phil. Fingers crossed that when I head to Summit County (Stark County’s neighbor) next week for work (I know, be jealous), I’ll run┬áinto Phil and can give him a few pointers. Like stay near the podium if you so clearly need to read your notes in order to remember what to say. And don’t yell so much.

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jon stewart’s september 11, 2001 monologue.

Just watch it. (And thanks, EA.)

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joe barton would like to apologize…

I love it when people come up with these things.

Here is one of my favorites:

Joe Barton Would Like to Apologize to BP, for soaking up all your valuable oil with our worthless pelicans.

Thank you GO(B)P, for showing your true colors right before the 2010 elections!

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