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a monday roundup of random stuff.

Just a friendly reminder, courtesy of PostSecret.

GUYS. Guess what? I’m officially done with grad school. Do you know what that means?! I’ll tell you: I get to wear a hood and stand out in the sun wearing polyester on Friday, and I get my nights and weekends back. Let’s celebrate with a collection of assorted finds from the Internets:

Happy Monday, everyone! And a happy belated birthday to co-blogger Kathleen! I think we successfully proved this weekend that your mid-twenties don’t really have to be any different from college. Thank goodness for that.

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usa wins gold medal of beards.

I tuned in to watch the end of the USA v. Canada gold medal hockey game, and while Canada technically won the gold medal, USA totally kicked ass in the Olympic sport of Hot Beards. And hot dudes in general. And hot dudes named Ryan. (Seriously. Like 11 of them are named Ryan.) I present the following evidence:

Ryan Malone of the Tampa Bay Lightning:

Ignoring Malone’s ill-advised tattoos, here’s another one:

Hello sir!

His teammate Ryan Kesler, of the Vancouver Canucks, is also my new fake Olympic boyfriend:

Not that I’d turn Sidney Crosby down if he came a-knockin’ at my door. (Is that creepy? How old is he?)

And I swear, I’m not usually this much of a girl. I do like sports for sports, but throw in that many beards and I’m bound to get distracted.


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let’s just call it beard friday.

Whelp, DC is back to work after a four-day (!) run of snow days. Luckily, I’m a lowly student/part-time employee so it’s just another lazy Friday for me. In theory, it’s not supposed to be lazy. Not at all. But there was…well…a lot of wine last night, and then the walking in the snow this morning, and this girl is sleepy. (My life is hard. I know.)

But there are some things to talk about in the blogosphere! First, Sarah Palin is an idiot and Stephen Colbert is awesome. I mean, we knew that, but that clip illustrates it yet again. The pure, unadulterated hatred I feel toward Sarah Palin actually scares me a little bit. Somebody. make. her. stop.

Speaking of making people stop, take a look at John Mayer’s interview with Playboy, if you haven’t already. Reading that thing is exhausting. I can’t imagine what it’s like inside his head.

It’s all okay though, guys. Because today is BEARD FRIDAY. That just means I’m going to show you these images:

If someone wanted to send me a bearded man with a bag full of breakfast sandwiches, I wouldn’t be upset.

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on the wonder of the beard.

I know I’ve mentioned this before (ah yes, here, here, here, and here, among other places) : I love beards. Love them. If a dude has one, odds are I’m attracted to him, even if he is attractive in no other way, even if he’s 60 years old, etc. etc. Lately, beards have been all over the place!

First, Susnan sent me this song, with the recommendation that I listen to the last five seconds. You should too:

Then KTray sent me an email that included a link to various beard-y crafts on Etsy. My favorite was this one:

If you want to buy it for me, that would be okay.

A few days later, guest blogger Madeline sent me the following video. If you can’t tell me you love beards after watching it, then we probably shouldn’t be friends:

And then I had a dream that I was making out with Jamiroquai, and he had a great beard. This is particularly bizarre because (1) in my waking life I have no clue what Jamiroquai looks like and (2) I thought Jamiroquai was black, which was weird because in my dream he was white. Turns out, he actually is white, which means my subconscious knows things that my conscious doesn’t. (I also thought Winston Churchill was black until I was in high school. But Winston Churchill didn’t have a beard, so let’s not worry about him here.)

Enjoy the snow, DCites!

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now that’s a fine looking mustache.

Before I say anything at all let me get this out of the way: it’s been awhile since we’ve posted–we know, and now we’re back. Hooray! Alright. Down to business. Because this is important.

One thing that has always puzzled me about men is how they handle the issue of facial hair. To them, it’s a serious matter. I remember after high school graduation (I went to Catholic school, and the boys had to be clean shaven) every boy tried to grow a goatee. Some succeeded, most failed. But they all talked about it, whether it was peach fuzz or a freaking forest.

The goatee seems to be the baby step and primer to the ultimate manly facial hair goal-a nice full beard. Rawr. But what about the mustache? Is that the in between? It is so mysterious. It can be very serious or anything but. There are so many different types- from the handle bar to the Super Mario to the “molestache” to the Tom Selleck. All are intriguing.

So I found this slideshow absolutely delightful! It is a collection of the best sports mustaches. The virile combination of sports and facial hair. It doesn’t get any better than this. Good morning! Oh, and if you can bring any clarity to the facial hair thing, please let me know.

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