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youtube clip of today: kitten’s hat.

Ur hat iz stoopid.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: love kittens, hate cats. Why is it that cute kitten videos are always entertaining?

Hope your Monday was as productive as mine!

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newest olympic mascots will haunt dreams.

I don’t know why, but people get super excited about the Olympic mascots.  I’ve written about them before— and here I am again. So move over, 1996 Atlanta mascot Izzy.  Move over, Fuwa, the  2008 Beijing mascots. Ladies and Gentlemen, the new Olympic gold medal winners of fug: Wenlock and Mandeville, the official mascots of the 2012 London Olympic games. Feast your eyes on these!

Somebody PLEASE make the first openly gay Olympic mascots joke, so I don't have to.

Yikes! You might be asking yourself, “What the friggity frig are those?” The article from the Guardian does its best to explain:

The pair are based on a short story by children’s author Michael Morpurgo that tells how they were fashioned from droplets of the steel used to build the Olympic stadium.

Droplets of steel, you say? Well, alright. How… abstract.

Maybe it’s because I’m 24 now (wahhhh) and an old lady, but I don’t really understand the necessity for these new-fangled Olympic mascots.  Is the torch not enough for us?  If you think I’m wrong, please let me know.  Maybe I’m the only one that fails to see the value in a duo of one-eyed, flippered, Nickelodeon-show-reject, don’t-look-if-you-have-epilepsy monstrosities.

Consider your dreams haunted, readership! You’re welcome!

In other news, guess what? Today is Wednesday, which means tomorrow is Thursday, and that’s the day before Friday! Huzzah!

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a monday roundup of random stuff.

Just a friendly reminder, courtesy of PostSecret.

GUYS. Guess what? I’m officially done with grad school. Do you know what that means?! I’ll tell you: I get to wear a hood and stand out in the sun wearing polyester on Friday, and I get my nights and weekends back. Let’s celebrate with a collection of assorted finds from the Internets:

Happy Monday, everyone! And a happy belated birthday to co-blogger Kathleen! I think we successfully proved this weekend that your mid-twenties don’t really have to be any different from college. Thank goodness for that.

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like a dog in your purse…

…this is just…not okay. Coincidentally, this gem was sent to us by our favorite Woodland Creature Correspondent:

Wow. And you thought that these babies, or maybe these ones, were as horrifying as shoes could get. You were so wrong. You know, I once had a hamster named Elvis. He was black and white and adorable, and I got him mostly because we earned extra credit in my middle school science class for keeping pets (which is actually extremely strange now that I think about it). Elvis once went missing for several weeks, and we finally discovered him next door in one of the cabinets in the art classroom. He was alive, and we are convinced that he must have survived by eating paint chips. Or maybe he was just Jesus in hamster form. Either way, this story makes me think that hamsters might be able to survive being tossed around in hideous clear platforms, so long as you take them out and feed them a few paint chips every now and then.

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youtube clip of today: youtube’s first.

Hey folks, ever lie in bed at night wondering what the first video EVER to be put on the YouTubes was?  No, really, have you? Well, here is your answer.  Five years ago today, Jawed Karim, one of YouTube’s founders, posted this video of himself at the San Diego Zoo.  Thanks, Jawed, for starting one of the most entertaining outlets for people to publicly embarrass themselves… or, even more likely, embarrass their friends. A tip of the hat to you, sir!  PS- Your video? BOOOOOOOOOOOORING.

Okay. So the video is pretty lame and I try to bring you entertaining yooootoooobs to make the work day go by a little faster. Here’s something cooler:

It’s not a trick, it’s an ILLUSION! Two points if you get the reference.

And on that note, I hope the next 2.5 hours fly by for you all!

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today is a google holiday, hooray!

Today’s Google Holiday: Earth Day. Shocking, right?

What I was Googling: seance. It’s, um, a hard word to spell. And I may have been Googling it for reasons involving spirit animals and DVDs and shammans but you know what DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT. Instead, focus on the fact that the following video just broke my heart into a million pieces:

As if I wasn’t already completely and totally obsessed with pugs, someone comes along and makes a video about an environmentally-friendly pug. And then I swoon, and try to again figure out how a pug could live in my shoebox-sized apartment when I’m about to start a job that will require a lot of travel. The world is so cruel, but I have faith that Jeff (my future pug, duh) and I will be together one day. Until then, thank god for videos of pug puppies on YouTube.

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do you think sjp is ugly?

Nothing sparks debate like watching the red carpet coverage at the Oscars.  Ok, that might not be entirely true, but it does start some interesting conversations.  This year?  How ugly Sarah Jessica Parker is.

Girls love her for the obvious reasons, and apparently guys think she’s hideous.  In fact, I was told that she gets a 3 on a 10 point scale and a 0 on a 1 point scale (1 I would sleep with her, 0 I wouldn’t).

I was also shown this website,

Equal parts terrible and hilarious, so I wanted to share.

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